Owned dazzle
Your own feathers gleam
Washing off skitters of water

To plume
Ornate down
of patterned embroidery

Lit ablaze with the light of day
Written with the rings of trees
A flutter mates a pray
to dance on top of half fallen
branches that

Such a brilliant display.

Spirit of the Mountain Prt. 6


Moon Dog

Out of nowhere
Does the scent heel
the turmoil
of escape
Does one grab
Does one brush
Does one smell


All possible brutalities
Nature’s might
Its right
to survive

Fear held
Enhancing blood

A rage of hormones
where one is really felt alive

On the brink



Flesh speaks out its growth


Heliotrope fixed!

Gravity’s pit
Forever carried
Self gutted on each climb
What do you aspire?

The repeated effort of
a unilateral segmented thrust

Single handedly shrugging obliquity.

The moist grasp on drying grass
A cilium momentum


Creature comforts


on the approaching darkness of the next shade.

Spirit of the Mountain Prt 5

Science say Hello

Science is not the answer. Science is the tool.

An ounce of prevention, The weight of a horizon

Poetry is the argument

The enticement
A way to see
A word to know

Because Science…

gets us another number
another addition
another goal
another step

Another moon

While with Poetry
Many Moons
One can climb and see
The combinations

of where to put another rule.

Spirit of The Mountain *2


With a returning hovered inspection
Yellow bright
White delight
perked press pecked nuzzle

Dusted wings
Copious flora throb
Thrust flagrant
Blushed bloom

Paired partner dance
Buzzed belly gust

Thrice frisk thrum
Fourfold unfold bold dazzle glance
In fretted survey

Pentafoil pinched pollen
brushed anthers
Probes sift and fizzle
with thrift to propel
and dither dizzily