Thirst Trap

*Pride edition NSFW

Dong flick
Fingers tipped
Chicks Click
Rooster crows
Knocking on back doors
Wetting basement floors
Mopping up

With that tongue quick
Chewed cud and spit
Backhand slap
Solid ground





Cool Swiss
Alp drip

Slicked up
on cleft and down fox hole dip
Tail puppy wag, lift tail and split
Hairs on end and pecs on fleek


Power ade

Protein to sip

Quench salinate electrolytes bling
Moist to the touch
Ready to fling

Sweat like Darryl
Splash and glisten
All hands on deck
Man the mast and listen

Oh eee OH!

Orinnico Flow!

58 Dui- Charisma

Harmonious Austerity

Hard center, soft exterior.
Speaking favorably and chaste. As heaven moves so should man,

Speaking of the ancients,
Forgeting toils and deaths
Advising satisfaction

Beautiful pool, the noble man speaks to his friend
Harmonious exchange forming no doubts

Trusted exchange, no regrets, confidence grows
Exchanging what just arrived, improper

Deliberating exchange. Armoring injuries, joy will be found and celebrated.
Trusting the husk, severity, straighten up properly
Extending exchange not yet charimatic

2- Kun- Borderless reception


A Mare

Go the distance
Achieve by finishing the works of others
All things have their resource
Virtue has no bounds in its original splendor
Tightly held in calculated preservation.

Like a Mare
Moving receptively in the borderless
Soft coursing prosperity.

Mounting early bewilders
Later taming freely courses
Boundless with friends, alone one mourns lack of friends.

Compliance without borders
Earth’s receptive terrain carries a fertile virtue.

Shoes on frost, strong binds arrive
Yin congeals, attaining a delicate path, arriving solidly. Crystalline.

The straight measures the great, with practice prosperity is shown
Movement in a straight line leads to a square. Repetition architects brilliance.

Sealing austerity, maybe with assistance events will end majestic
Timely issuance will make known splendor.

Enclosing a purse guards reputation
Prudence brings no harm.

Yellow addressed. Inheritance. Culture manifested.

Dragons fight in the field. Bled mysterious and royal.
The way is exhausted.

1- Qian- Expansive


Great Originality!
The myriad gathers under heaven.
Thunder forms rain bestowed to all below
Great brightness from beginning to end
The six times complete themselves
The six dragons ride the heavens
The Expansive way transforms
All corrected in natures destiny
Bound in the great harmony
Prosperous in austerity
The head bears the myriad
All nations pacified

Heaven moves in vigor, The sage cultivates himself unceasingly

Submerged dragon, yang is in the deep. Don’t do.
Exchanging dragon in the field, virtuous bestowal. Be advised
Vigilant dragon, all day creating, returning the way
Leaping dragon, dive or enter faultless
Flying dragon, produce!
Exceeding dragon, Heights will not last
Crowd of dragons without leader, Heaven’s virtue beheld

Original- Humane means
Prosperity- Meeting excellence in ceremony
Harmony- Moral unity
Austerity- Boldly execute

Move the 4 virtues as the day accords

29 Kan- Practice

Water pounds on arrival, repeatedly
Forming value, preserving the heart.

Practice, danger repeats. When losing confidence, be centered. Be timely
Practice, danger repeats. Teach virtue in those events.
Practice when entering a dead end. The way is lost!
In the dead end, find a small favor. Though not centered.
Nothing is gained when you rest your head in danger.

Dinner with one’s self, reach beyond entitlement. A window opens up
The threshold is not yet full, respect comes though not yet centered
Tied and bound to a uniform, a cluster of thorns for years. A lost way bound for years.

30 Li – Separation/Attachment

Bright Beauty

and returns

Attached to the right
Attached to the light
Separating darkness

Sun and moon, double light double bright separate and returns attached to right
Vegetation attached to light reaches straight up right
Repeated brightness for rectitude
to blossom daily at the center’s pole
Double brightness works daily illuminating the four corners

The shoe missteps with respect, no fault
The golden mean is center struck, original luck
Afternoon beauty sets, the drums do not sound, instead a groan regrets, “What can continue?”
Rising abruptly like a lit flame. Soon snuffed. Abandonment.
Tears issue like a river. Sorrow sighs. Someone greater listens.
Agency employs rightness. The head of shame is caught. Subjects correct.

57 Xun – Wind

Repeated Supplication extends destiny
Go the distance, seek the greater

Supplicate forward and back. Aspiration doubts. Stand like a soldier.
Supplication in bed. Numerous details. Obtain the center.
Repeated petty supplication weakens the will.
Regret dies. The field bears three times fruit.
Luck centers upright
Supplication in bed again. Resources will be lost.

Follow the greatness.